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Scarecrows go to the Movies in 2014

 Meaford Scarecrow Invasion and Family Festival is celebrating the cinema this year. We expect to see creative movie scarecrows invading in September. A  visual phenomenon called persistence of vision -   a series of individual still pictures set into motion creating the illusion of movement – was first described by British physician Peter Mark Roget in 1824. This description was the first step in the development of cinema (Tim Dirks. AMC Film Site). Learn more about the origins of cinema at Film History by the Decade


Something to Crow About November Edition

We hope you will enjoy this edition of Something to Crow About.Something to Crow About November 2014

Post Festival Edition of Something to Crow About

Enjoy our special post Festival Edition – A thank you to our great volunteers. Regular edition soon with lots of news. Something to Crow About Post Festival Edition 2014

Station Hill Circus

Focus on Sponsors: Metroland Media by Kat Moore

As you start to notice the fall colours entering our town’s skyline, you know it is also time for our yearly visit from the wonderfully, imaginative Scarecrows.  Each year though, the visit of our beloved Scarecrows is carefully choreographed by our hardworking volunteers and our amazing sponsors.  This edition of Focus on the Sponsor is