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Sponsor the Scarecrow Invasion and Family Festival

Meaford businesses and organizations are a generous group!

Without sponsors the Scarecrow Invasion & Family Festival could not exist. Not only do our sponsors insure the viability of the festival, their support allows the event to be FREE to the community and its visitors!

The 2016 Scarecrow Invasion has 13 Official Sponsors that fall into 3 Categories

  • Financial Contribution: Since the event is FREE to its participants, the Scarecrows need financial support to operate, and therefore asks some sponsors to donate funds to cover operating costs. The minimum donation is $1,000 to be an Official Sponsor.
  • In-Kind Donation: The event has needs that require a donation of a “service” or “product” (e.g. Almond’s Farm Market grows an entire corn field for use by the Scarecrow Invasion when decorating the downtown and special areas of Meaford).
  • Media Sponsorship: The Scarecrow Invasion negotiates ways of promoting the event (and Meaford) by both buying advertising and receiving complimentary media exposure.

The event also relies on a number of Donors who either support an ““activity” within the event(e.g  Bill’s valu-mart sponsoring the Youth Apple Pie Contest or Grandma Lambe’s the Traditional Apple Pie contest) or donate goods to further the work of the volunteers (e.g. Kiwanis Club’s Midas Mart donates clothes for the scarecrows that are displayed downtown). Also many of the businesses give the event a consideration when purchasing supplies.

Benefits to Scarecrow Sponsors

In addition to the rewards of giving to the community and seeing the fun enjoyed by all during the Scarecrow Invasion, our sponsors also receive other tangible benefits.

  • Widespread Promotion:
  • Logo on Brochures
  • Logo on Posters
  • Website recognition
  • Scarecrow Invasion Newsletter recognition
  • Logo on all newspaper and other print advertising
  • Mention in radio ads where appropriate
  • Mention in interviews where appropriate
  • Invitation to participate in the scarecrow parade and family festival activities
  • Invitation to have information (brochures etc.) at events the Scarecrow Invasion attends (e.g. MIFF & Meaford Fall Fair)
  • Invitation to Annual Volunteer & Sponsor Appreciation

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