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Just Do It – Lee Normet’s Volunteer Advice!

December 21, 2017 – Becoming a part of the Meaford Scarecrow Invasion and Family Festival is sometimes inevitable.  Or so it would seem for Lee Normet, who knew, even before buying a house in Meaford that the scarecrow invasion was something she would like to be a part of.

“It looked like a worthwhile activity that would make others happy,” she says.

“Volunteer! I wish more people knew that getting involved with scarecrows is a very positive thing to do.  The commitment isn’t very long, it is easy, you don’t need to be especially talented, and it is a great opportunity to meet people.”

Lee and her wonderful team – which includes Marj Miller, Joan Williams, Jill Degen, June MacPherson, Barb and John Hopper – spend most of their time working on the vignettes that invade Meaford Hall each September.

“Everyone on the team is so positive and fun. Together we seem to come up with great ideas each year for the invasion,” Lee says.

As most of us volunteers have come to find, the Meaford Scarecrow Invasion is filled with wonderful people who are ready to welcome a new volunteer and friendships soon arise from the camaraderie of a common goal.  Lee also attributes many of her team members as new, good friends.

“The scarecrow invasion seems to attract friendly people!”

Lee Normet has just one piece of advice for others who are thinking about volunteering: “Just do it! You can volunteer for one workshop or all of them.  And you don’t need to be especially talented,” she advises.

Lee believes the invasion is important to Meaford. This year volunteers greeted visitors and the feedback was wonderful and positive.  “As it grows in awareness, I think restaurants, coffee shops, motels, etc, will see that it is important to be ‘Open for business’, especially on Sundays,” she says. “Most places on the main street are closed on Sunday but tourists enjoy browsing, having shops or restaurants open, at least for September.”


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