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Focus on Our Sponsors: My Favorite Marketer

My Favorite Marketer (640x71)


Vic Michener is our Favorite Marketer. Vic donated and designed this website. Vic’s business is myFavoritemarketer.  We appreciate all his efforts.

We asked Vic a few questions about the Scarecrow Invasion and his sponsorship.


What is impact of having a website to events like the Invasion?


People look first to the Internet to find information on an event like this, so now the Scarecrow Invasion can provide all the details in one place. Even people who haven’t heard of the Scarecrow Invasion will now discover it. It also allows press, media and other websites to easily access details; it encourages new volunteers and sponsors by showing them what’s involved; and it allows the group to recognize volunteers and promote sponsors.  That’s just a few things it can do.


How did you get interested in marketing and websites?


I’ve always liked to write, and I have a journalism degree.  Both these skills lent themselves to effective marketing, where you have to dig deep to get the real details and tell an interesting story about a product or service.  At one newsletter job, I got interested in the dBase subscription management program, and picked up dBase programming skills, eventually creating a number of custom applications for the company.  Websites allow me to combine marketing and programming skills to create effective, interesting, user-friendly sites.  I launched my first website here in Meaford in 1997.


Can you give us three words you think of when you hear the word scarecrow?


Rural. Autumn, MEAFORD!

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