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Create your signature western scarecrow during dressing workshops

The push is on to dress the 2018 line-up of life-size
scarecrows that children and adults find irresistible.


Meaford, ON, August 9, 2018….Imagine strolling among the 250-plus scarecrows that invade Meaford in September and coming face-to-face with the very one you helped create. “There is a certain thrill to seeing your creation there for everyone to enjoy,” says volunteer Helen Solmes. “Each one is so unique, it’s really not hard to pick out yours from the line-up.”

Anyone who fancies adding his/her special touch to a scarecrow or two, now is the time. The countdown is on. With less than three weeks till the 2018 line-up of scarecrows invade Meaford, now is your chance to lend a hand. There are 250-plus scarecrows built and waiting to be dressed.

“There’s a special feeling of ownership that comes over Meaford residents at this time of the year,” Helen says. “The scarecrow invasion is our signature event.”

The scarecrows are built, so the tedious work is done. Now for the fun part. Volunteers will be gathering at the Rotary Harbour Pavilion on Wednesday August 15 (9-noon) and again on Tuesday, August 21, 5:30-8:30 p.m and Wednesday, August 22 (9-noon) to dress scarecrows in western attire.

Join us. No experience needed. All clothing, accessories and tools supplied.

“I love to take my family downtown to see the scarecrows,” Helen says. “The grandchildren love to sit and dance among them. They are like life-size dolls.  They are all special but when we come across what I can’t help but think of as my creation, the moment is indeed special.”

For more information, go to or visit us on Facebook @fallinmeaford or Twitter @scarecrowinvas1.

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