Build your own scarecrows

build1Everyone has a creative flair when it comes to scarecrows. You can build a scarecrow out of many items especially recycled items. Some scarecrows are very elaborate and others are simple. The easy way to learn to build a scarecrow similar to the scarecrows invading Meaford each year is to attend the scarecrow building workshops held in the spring and summer at the Rotary Harbour Pavilion. These workshops create the invaders but you will learn great tips on how to do your own scarecrow. The decorating committee has years of experience that they love to share.


What is in an “Invasion” Scarecrow?

An Invasion Scarecrow starts with a heart. Each volunteer who creates a scarecrow leaves a little of their heart behind in their scarecrow. The frame of the scarecrow is wood and hosing. Plastic bags stuffed with newspaper make the head, arms, body and legs. Clothes that are no longer usable are donated to dress the scarecrows. Straw hats sit on each head. Glue, nails, string and raffia complete the ensemble. The final touch is the face – grins, grimaces, smiles and pouts – each scarecrow is very unique! Check out events for dates and times of the workshop.

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The Meaford Scarecrow Invasion thanks the businesses who donate the materials for our scarecrows: The Kiwanis Midas Mart, Metroland, Bill’s Valumart and other individuals who assist us each year.

Special thanks to all our building volunteers.

Other scarecrows

Did you know that scarecrows are also known as hay-man? Sort of sounds like a hippie!

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Scarecrow buiilding volunteers