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Be Careful What You Volunteer for Late at Night!    by Kat Moore

IMG_8895Audrey Woods is one of the Meaford Scarecrow Invasions magicians.  Her role as a volunteer, along with her trusty crew, is to collect the cornstalks throughout the area that are generously donated.  Audrey then arranges the cornstalks and places them along the light posts in Meaford’s downtown core.  Ensuring a beautiful harvest feeling to the Scarecrow Invasion.

Audrey first began volunteering when our beloved head Scarecrow, Marilyn, asked Audrey if she would like to go for a ride late one night in October.  The ride out to a nearby farm to collect cornstalks turned into a yearly event and soon Audrey was the one in charge of this part of the Invasion.

Prior to becoming involved, Audrey was unaware of just how much work was involved in the Meaford Scarecrow Invasion.  As she points out, the work starts months and months in advance – the time and the amount of hands that it takes to make the Invasion a success each year was something Audrey marvelled at.  “Many of the volunteers are retired folks or new people to the area who are looking for a way to become involved and make new friends.” Audrey is quick to point out, “What a perfect way to chat, create laughter and meet new people!”

Each year, Audrey faces many unknown worries.  “Will the corn be high enough?”, “Will it be too dry?”, “Will the trucks be able to get into the field?” are just a few of the things Audrey frets over, but it always seems to work out as her crew pulls together to get the job done!

Audrey believes that all the hard work is what helps bring our community together.  As her family was visiting and marvelling over all the hard work that must go in to making this event such a success each year, Audrey couldn’t help but think ‘They have no clue how much fun we all have while we are doing it’.


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