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Apple pies and scarecrows go hand-in-hand


Apples and scarecrows go hand-in-hand in Meaford. With apple season upon us and the scarecrows due to arrive any day
now, it’s a perfect time for young people to try their hand at the age-old tradition of baking apple pies and enter their best effort and win prizes.

The 20th Anniversary Scarecrow Invasion and Family Festival will once again this year host a traditional and a young baker’s apple pie contest
during the annual family festival, on Friday, Sept. 30th. The top winning pies will be auctioned during the festival and all entries will be up for sale at $2 per slice.

Apple pies start with a good recipe, according to the festival’s apple pie contest chair, Mary Bryant. “Often the recipe is one that has been perfected and past down from generation to generation,” she said. “A prize-winning apple pie also calls for skill. Practice makes perfect and with the apple season in full swing, now is the time for young people to start practicing. “There is always room for creativity. This year, we have included a novelty category for the best decorated young bakers pie. Edible decorations only, please.”

Apple pies must be delivered on Friday, Sept. 30th, to the Church of Nazarene at 34 Trowbridge St. West, between 1 and 3 p.m., for judging. They must be double-crusted and baked in 9-inch aluminum pie plates. No nuts, raisins or additional fruit.”

There are three categories with prizes for the bakers and Dessert and Dinner gift certificates from local restaurants for the top bidders during the auction. The categories are the Traditional apple pie contest open to all residents of the Municipality of Meaford.  The  Young Bakers category is for residents 8-12 years of age, and the Young Bakers’ Novelty category. 

MPP Bill Walker will auction the pies during the festival that follows the OPP Golden Helmets Precision Motorcycle Team pre-parade show on Sykes Street (5 p.m.) and the parade (6 p.m.). “Grandma Lambe’s has been a long-time supporter of the winners of the Traditional Apple Pie Contest and will again this year,” Bryant said. “We are very happy to welcome our new sponsors,Bill and Barb MacDonald of Bill’s valu-mart who have offered to sponsor the Young Baker Apple Pie Contest winners this year. 
 We look forward to working with our new and old partners in the coming years.”
in the coming years.”

For more information, contact Mary Bryant or 519-538-2558.
Visit the Scarecrow Invasion and Family Festival website

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