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Latest Edition of Something to Crow About

Enjoy the latest edition of Something to Crow About dedicated to our wonderful volunteers. Happy Volunteer Week! Something to Crow About April 2017


Meaford Independent

    If you live in the Municipality of Meaford, you know the Meaford Independent newspaper is the place to get all the local news.  Over the past several years the Meaford Scarecrow Invasion and Family Festival has relied on the generosity of the Meaford Independent to ensure that the Scarecrow Invasion is always highlighted in


Every Scarecrow Invasion Needs a Grandma Lambe

For many years, Grace Lambe of Grandma Lambe’s Fruit Stand, has been an integral part of the Meaford Scarecrow Invasion and Family Festival.  Playing her part well, Grandma Lambe spent many years as the head judge for the annual Apple Pie Baking Contest.  After more then a decade as head judge, Grandma Lambe  stepped down.  Although she


Scott Davison and Wayne Foster

  Scott Davison and Wayne Foster are supporting the scarecrow invasion in a unique way – growing corn. The invasion needs cornstalks to attract the 100s of scarecrows who flock to Meaford in the fall. For many years Jim and Isobel Almond grew the corn and with their retirement we are very grateful that Scott


CTRE becomes Scarecrow Invasion Sponsor

    The Scarecrow Invasion and Family Festival is pleased to welcome CTRE as a sponsor. CTRE Productions specializes in delivering professional high quality live streaming and production services, for corporate, music & sporting events enabling you to reach your audience regionally or globally. With the rise of social media and the need to tell