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And the Winners are… Business Decorating Competition

Patches, the Scarecrow Invasion and Family Festival iconic Best-of-the-Best Award, has taken up residence at Tim Horton’s, among the business’s Minions. Patches is awarded each year to the overall winner of the business scarecrow display competition. Tim Horton’s Minions won first-place in the interior display category and the competition’s overall top honors. Scarecrows first invaded


Scarecrows Celebrate the Year of Sport and WE CELEBRATED!

The Invasion has ended. The Scarecrows have left for another year but have left lasting memories of celebrating the Year of Sport. From decorating to a fantastic parade led by paralympian, Jason Crone, to the fun-filled family festival we celebrated as a community!  Thanks to all the volunteers to dedicated hours and hours to make


Today is the Day: Scarecrow Invasion Family Festival and Parade – October 2

Join us at 6 pm on Sykes St. for the Scarecrow Parade. Paralympian Jason Crone, a gold medist at the ParaPan Games will lead the parade. The parade will make its way to the Meaford Harbour for the Family Festival – lots of fun for all. Meet the Knight’s Hockey Team and Jason at the


Meaford Scarecrow Invasion Launches TSM – Total Scarecrows Meaford