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Check out the Scarecrow Invasion Interactive Map Tracking Scarecrow Sightings

The Municipality of Meaford has a great interactive map showing the location of scarecrows especially those scarecrows invading businesses and organizations. Check it out:


Another Great Culture Days Weekend

The Scarecrows celebrated another great Culture Days Weekend. Enjoy our celebration of Culture Days.


Something to Crow About… Fall Edition

Here is the latest edition of  Something to Crow About September 2015


They’re Back – Scarecrow Invasion 2015 Picture Gallery

They’re Back! Out of the locker rooms into the streets

By Helen Solmes They’re back: Meaford’s annual line-up of scarecrows has taken to the streets dressed as athletes, referees, cheerleaders, coaches and spectators during this, the Year of Sport. Now till mid-October, Meaford streets and public spaces will showcase what community spirit, hundreds of volunteer hours, and boundless creativity can produce, and what has earned