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The Meaford BIA is our oldest sponsor and the origins of the Scarecrow Invasion started with an idea and action of a BIA member. We asked Dave Glass, current BIA president – “Since the BIA is the longest standing sponsor could you tell us why the BIA sponsors the Invasion and what impact does it have on the BIA area?”

The mandate of the BIA is to improve the business area defined by the BIA boundaries. This can be approached in a number of different ways, from improving the infrastructure (e.g. the streetscape project of a few years ago), decorations (e.g. Christmas wreaths/lights, summer flowers, decorative banners, etc.) or through promotion of events that bring people into the business area (Scarecrow invasion, Christmas unveiling).

We have a rather limited budget that is obtained by charging a levy on the commercial property in the BIA area. (Budget is approximately 16K per year). We also have a very limited number of people who attend our meetings and show an interest in being a part of determining how we spend that budget.

Keeping the above in mind, we as a group decided that if we don’t have the numbers within our own group to be event planners and organizers then it would make sense to support groups that bring people into our business area and promote Meaford in general. The fact that the Scarecrow Invasion was initially a BIA idea (George Potopnyk) back in the 90’s is also a big factor that makes our support a great fit. The Scarecrow Invasion group has taken that idea and enhanced it beyond George’s wildest dreams I am sure. Your provincial award is a testament to your group’s enthusiasm and volunteer ideals.

The BIA is proud to be associated with your success in whatever small way we can.

Dave Glass

Thank you to the BIA for all their support!

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