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Focus on Sponsors: Metroland Media by Kat Moore

As you start to notice the fall colours entering our town’s skyline, you know it is also time for our yearly visit from the wonderfully, imaginative Scarecrows.  Each year though, the visit of our beloved Scarecrows is carefully choreographed by our hardworking volunteers and our amazing sponsors.  This edition of Focus on the Sponsor is dedicated to Metroland Media Group.

While talking to Carol Lamb, the General Manager of Metroland Media, I was able to gain a better understanding of Metroland Media’s tagline, “Connected to your community.”  As a group, Metroland has made it part of their mission to support as many local initiatives, events and fundraisers as they can.  The Scarecrow Invasion has become a vital tourism lure for the Municipality, bringing much needed dollars into the local economy.

“We like the tremendous spirit and sense of community that comes from the invasion.  Residents and businesses all get involved.  It really brings everyone together.  There is such a sense of pride and togetherness within the community because of the Invasion” says Lamb.

Metroland Media plays their part in the Invasion by providing the bags and the stuffing for all the scarecrow bodies, and where would we be without those bodies?  Metroland Media is also the creator, designer and inspiration for all of our wonderful brochures advertising our Scarecrow Invasion to the communities, proving that every community must support its endeavors by both giving and receiving.

With sponsors such as Metroland Media, our community does indeed come together and give continuous support both ways.  As I prepare for my second Scarecrow Invasion as a member of the Meaford community, I now have a greater love and understanding of just what this event means for our town and I am forever grateful for the deep connection this community seems to share.

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