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Home Sponsors Focus on Our Sponsors: Bayshore Broadcasting by Kat Moore

Focus on Our Sponsors: Bayshore Broadcasting by Kat Moore

The Meaford Scarecrow Invasion is in full swing.  You can find the scarecrow hanging from streetlights, front porches and in store front windows, but it would all be impossible without some great community sponsors.  In this segment of Focus on Our Sponsors, I’d like to introduce you to Ross Kentner of Bayshore Broadcasting.

Ross Kentner and Bayshore Broadcasting are very active sponsors of the Scarecrow Invasion, including promoting the event and being hands on during the festival.  “As the Scarecrow Invasion has grown into the pre-eminent family festival in the community, it’s become a top priority for us.”

Bayshore Broadcasting plays many roles at the Invasion and their many on air personalities look forward to this opportunity to come out and participate in the events. They can be found judging apple pie contests, as parade commentators or as MC’s for the festival – although Ross Kentner admits that you just can’t beat being a judge for the apples pies!

As a resident of Meaford, Ross has had ample opportunity to witness just what the Scarecrow Invasion does for our community.  “I see more and more total strangers stopping their cars and jumping out to pose with scarecrows and get family photos with the different characters.”  As the years continue and the festival keeps invading our small town, Ross hopes that one year he will be able to build a Star Wars Scarecrow…something for the future!

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